Thursday, 15 February 2007

What is the link?


As we had with Christmas a beautiful (plastic) Christmas tree from our neighbour / landlord and his wife, we thought we could wait for a year, but (un) fortunately we also have Chinese New Year coming soon (18th of February) and than it is a tradition to give each other manderins and flowers, that is why we have now this in our living room:

Anyway, we will see what is left of it when we are back from Indonesia! We hope everone has a good new year of the golden pig!

Charlotte & Andries

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Week end in Beijing


As we had to disappoint so many people who wanted to visit us, we created a web blog to share our experiences in China! After more than 10 months (Andries) and 1 month (Charlotte) we already have enough to share with you. Better than telling are the photos we have taken so far, for that you can see the links on the right of the webblog. As we haven't found a common language to speak / write / listen all languages are welcome and we (Charlotte) do the translation.

We will not post on it the coming 2 weeks as we are in Indonesia then (hard live here in South East Asia), but that is of course only to have more stories to write on the blog!

Have a good Chinese New Year and we wish you a happy year of the golden PIG

Bonjour tout le monde,

Afin de donner envie au plus grand nombre de passer nous voir en Chine et surtout pour partager notre experience, nous avons decide de creer ce blog. Apres 10 mois pour Andries et 1 mois pour moi, nous avons deja assez a vous faire partager. Vous pouvez donc consulter nos precedentes aventures en cliquant sur les liens sur la colone de droite. Vos commentaires sont bienvenus et dans n'importe quelles langues!

Nous repartons en fin de semaine pour l'Indonesie (Bali), pas trop dure la vie de ce cote de la terre... pour retrouver Armel et Graziella et surtout pour vous rapporter pleins de nouvelles histoires!

Nous vous souhaitons un bon Nouvel An Chinois et une bonne annee de cochon dore!

Charlotte & Andries