Monday, 13 August 2007

C'est officiel, nous demenageons a Shanghai!

Bonjour tout le monde,

Ca y est, nous avons trouve un nouveau "chez nous" a Shanghai! Notre appart est situe entre la concession francaise et le vieux Shanghai et non loin du site de la premiere reunion du Parti communiste chinois (maintenant reammenage en quartier avec restos et bar bien sympa!). Le site est donc ideal pour les visiteurs mais aussi, bien sur, pour nous puisque nous serons situes entre Pudong (futur lieu de travail d'Andries) et l'universite Jia-Tong ou je commencerais les cours intensifs de chinois en septembre.
A partir du 1ier septembre, notre nouvelle adresse sera le:
Room 903, Building 9, The Lakeville, Lane 618 Jinan Road, Shanghai 200021, China

Un apercu de Shanghai dans le lien "Shanghai"!

Je rentre cette semaine en France pour 3 semaines (du 16 aout au 9 septembre), j'espere vous croiser en France (a Paris, Bordeaux, Valence ou Montpellier) ou sinon avoir de vos nouvelles par email!

A tres bientot,

Charlotte & Andries


Hi everybody,

We have finally found our new home sweet home in Shanghai! It is located between the french concession and the old city of Shanghai as well as very close to the site of the 1st national congree of the Chinese Communist Party (the area is now turned into a nice place with restaurants and bars). So we will be close to the major highlights of the city as well as in between Pudong (where Andries will work) and Jia-Tong university (where Charlotte will follow her intensive chinese course ).
From September 1st, our new address is:
Room 903, Building 9, The Lakeville, Lane 618 Jinan Road, Shanghai 200021, China

Some pictures of Shanghai can be seen on the link " Shanghai"!

Charlotte is going back to France for 3 weeks (from August,16th to September,9th) and Andries is going back to Holland for 2 weeks (from August, 24th to September, 9th). Hope to see you in France or Holland or to hear from you by email!


Charlotte & Andries

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Thomas de Groen said...

Hi you both,

Nice to read something about your adventures and to see some pictures with your faces on it. probably it is hard to ask some of the people in the remote villages to take a picture of you two? Buy a small "statief", it might help. Congratiulations with your appartment in shanghai and your new job/study. As an outsider, Shanghai sounds a little more appealing to me than quangzou, no? Hop e you are fine and will enjoy your stay in both homelands. Andris, will there be a possibilty to meet for a beer? Would be nice, let me know, so I can set something up with soem of the G12 boys. Regards, thomas