Saturday, 19 February 2011

And in Dutch!

Step by step, we are getting there..... The Hague has accepted our files and send everything to Leiden. Up to the 14th of July!
Charlotte & Andries

Doggsledding in Transylvania!

A belate birthday gift from Charlotte. Dogsledding in Transylvania! with our Italian/Romanian friends Sorin and Chiara we went a weekend to the Mountains of Hargitha in the middle of Romania. Friday night we had a stop over in our "regular" B&B in Brasjov and on Saturday morning we drove to Batan in the Carpatian mountains. During the drive into the mountains we spotted wild deers and foxes, pretty amazing view on the beautiful country site in Romania! The lady with her dogs was waiting for us when we arrived.

Apparently she and her husband are competing in Extreme Sports competitions around central Europe and the dogs need to be trained for that. If tourists are coming over and want to pay to sit on the sledge during a 2 hrs ride, they are more than happy! Our friends did only a small tour as Chiara was pregnant and didnt want to be shaken to much. Charlotte and myself went for the 2 hours into the mountains and it was great! See for more pictures and explanations, the link on the right side.


The week before the 22nd of January it was snowy, cold and dark in Bucharest. Remembering the colg long winter of last year, Andries bought to tickets for a weekend break to the Sun. And we were lucky......:-) Arriving on Friday evening, the weather for the weekend was great. We booked a hotel with Acropolis view and after some insistence we also got a room with the view on the Parthenon. Saturday we spend scrolling around in the old part of Athens. Very nice and relaxed, especially because we were lucky with the weather and in the low season without the overkill on tourists. After the old town we visited the Acropolis, Ancient Agoda, National gardens etc etc in the afternoon and on Sunday. Especially the new Acropolis museum was impressive (it took apparently 40 years to finish). On Sunday evening we flew back with enough sunshine on our faces to cope with the winter back in Romania! See some pictures in the link on the right.