Sunday, 25 November 2007


Mao Zedong is a real Shanghainese and was found on the street, somewhere at the borders of the French consession! He is one of the thousands wandering cats which, in some cases, end up in the soup or are killed for their fur! (and than sold as real tiger fur to Amercian tourists). Mao is approximately 9 weeks old and his name also means "cat" in chinese, although the tonation is different than with the Great leader!


Mao est de Shanghai et a ete trouve dans la rue. Il est un des milliers chats errants qui pour la plupart sont tues pour leur fourrure ou terminent dans la soupe!
Mao, qui signifit "chat" en chinois, a emmenage chez nous ce week end.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a sweet cat - better to feed him well before handing over to the chinese again (more economical, more meat and mre fur :-)
Hope everything is OK,
Greetings, Geertje